Trade Leaders

Eric Chia – PWO Apr 2006
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Stanley Yap – PWO Sep/Oct 2011
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Our team of Trade Leaders are all very experienced and knowledgeable. Their results have proven that they are consistent in achieving profitability over time. Trade Leaders are volunteers that are reaching out to help other like-minded individuals that are new to trading options.

Besides the traders above, our programs have also produced many more successful options traders over the years.



Trade Leaders are not “Saints” – they are just traders with extensive practical trading experience. Trade Leaders are not obligated to give any trade advice, in event that they do share some of their own trades with the new traders; any losses if suffered cannot be claimed against them.

While all trade leaders are truly experienced traders, we cannot say that we may have all the answers right at our finger tips at all times. In event that any issues raised are completely new to us, we will definitely get those answers and/or solutions once we find out ourselves.