Success Options Sharing Session

Every year, we will hold a number of Success Options Sharing (SOS) sessions for friends, neighbours or simply people that register with us with an interest in wanting to know more about Options Trading. These SOS sessions are absolutely FREE, but prior registration is required. Once we received your registration, we will schedule a session when we have a minimum of 8 participants.


Options…… A Great Wealth Creation Tool
This is an introductory session on “What is Options” for anyone that is interested in options trading. We will share with the participants on the following:

  1. The players in the equity market
  2. Why options?
  3. What is an option?
  4. Components of an options contract
  5. Two main group of stock options
  6. Understanding strike prices
  7. Options…… beware
  8. Questions to ask to identify a good and responsible trading education source (if time permits)
  9. Trading platform used
  10. Q&A session


No. 61 Jalan Salang Singapore, Singapore 769535


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