Millionaire Trading Program

This will be conducted on a “One-to-One” basis. The whole course will be taught and guided by one of our Millionaire Trader.

Acceptance into this program is strictly by invitation ONLY. Participants will be assessed based on their character, attitude, belief, intelligence, family background and trading experience.

We guarantee the result: If you do not make at least a million dollar from trading within 3 years after embarking on this program, the tuition fee paid will be fully refunded. *

All aspects about trading will be covered including our proprietary Millionaire Trading System.


Venue: To be confirmed

Tuition Fee: S$88,888 (to be paid over 3 stages)

Schedule: S$3,888 before commencement of stage 1 / S$35,000 before commencement of stage 2 / S$50,000 before commencement of stage 3

Duration: Within a period of 3 years


Program Outline

  • Stage 1
    • Attending the Profit with Options Workshop
    • Attending the TECH on US Workshop
  • Stage 2
    • Weekly Live Trading Session with Millionaire Trader (this stage will last at least 52 weeks)
  • Stage 3
    • Millionaire Trading System (this stage will last between 2 months and 1 year)

Actual progress from one stage to another and number of Live Trading Sessions will depends on the individual’s progress.


* Terms and conditions apply.