Group Handholding Session


The group handholding sessions form an integral part of our seminar and workshop.

During handholding sessions, an experienced trade leader will be assigned to guide the SOS or PWO traders (typically between 6 to 8 in a group).

8 group handholding sessions are included in the PWO program.

During the first group handholding session (normally on the first trading day following the program), the following will be covered:

  • Recap of all key aspects covered during the workshops
  • Setting up & orientation of trading platform – IB
  • Confiiguring your chart’s settings on either TOS or OX platform
  • Live trading demo: scanning, filtering, entering trades etc.

As for the subsequent handholding sessions, the trade leader will guide the new traders through the various practical aspects of trading:

  • Scanning for trades
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Markets sentiments
  • Entry/Exit points
  • Advance Strategies – Monthly Bonus Strategy, DOUBLE Monthly Income Strategy, etc.
  • Repairing of trades (if any)
  • Margin requirements
  • Money management
  • Portfolio diversification
  • And any other issues that traders may have



Trade Leaders are not “Saints” – they are just traders with extensive practical trading experience. Trade Leaders are not obligated to give any trade advice, in event that they do share some of their own trades with the new traders; any losses if suffered cannot be claimed against them.

While all trade leaders are truly experienced traders, we cannot say that we may have all the answers right at our finger tips at all times. In event that any issues raised are completely new to us, we will definitely get those answers and/or solutions once we find out ourselves.


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