Hi fellow traders,

Welcome to our iEi “Get-A-Trade” webpage. At iEi, we always have your interest with us and in order to serve you better, we have specially create this for you knowing that at times, there is a suituation where traders are boiled down with too much information and do no tknow what to trade and wish that trading wouldn’t be such a chore and could be a simple affair.

Well, I have good news for you, my fellow traders. At iEi, we have a group of dedicated traders who constantly scan the market for good trades. We are able to provide you a trade that could assure you a relatively profitable return between 10% to 150% of your investable amount.

To enjoy this benefits, all you need to do is to subscribe for a trade and a summary anaylsis report with guidance will be forwarded to you.

To make this affordable and beneficial to you, we have set price at S$20 per trade. To keep our promise that the trade you purchase is profitable, we are willing to pay you back 100% of the fee collected in the event that the trade doesn’t go as plan, provided that you followed the guidance that has been given to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and try it out as you have got nothing to lose.

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