Dr. Trade

This is a FREE advisory service offer to PWO traders in addition to all other existing supports.

It is inevitable that our traders may be “bad trades” once in a while. During these times, it is most important to know what to do or how to repair these trades. It is for this primary purpose that Dr. Trade is offered.

Dr. Trade strives to add yet another level of “after-course” support to our family of PWO traders.

While we will carefully consider all factors – fundamental, technical and psychological before giving any advice, it must be noted that we cannot guarantee that our advices will always be the most approporiate going forward. Any losses and/or lower profit can be expected and traders cannot claim their losses against us.

In order to give a more accurate advice, the following information MUST be provided when any trader that seeks this service:

  1. Detail description of your position in terms of ticker, expiry month, strike price, type of options (Call or Put)
  2. Strategy deployed
  3. Date of opening trade
  4. Reasons behind opening of trade
  5. Any other considerations made

Pwo Traders seeking this advisory service please feel free to contact A.Alex Tan directly.

Note: For any person that are not from PWO program but would like to seek this service, the cost per advice is S$200 and this amount will be fully donated to: