Chief Trainer

Alex Tan is the founder & CEO of iEi Consultants Pte Ltd – an organization committed to empowering each individual the necessary skill set and knowledge of trading options and equities thereby helping them achieving their financial freedom and realizing their ultimate dreams in life.

To this date, Alex has over 8 years of experience as an independent options trader. Through numerous workshops & seminars attended, extensive reading, self discovery, and most important of all his relentless back testing and live trading, Alex has now attained a trading profitability consistency of over 90% at all times. He has since developed a unique trading strategy whereby one can expect to earn regular monthly income from trading options. Based on his students’ performance, monthly trading income ranges from $500 to over $20,000!

Now Alex shares his wealth of knowledge, proven techniques and “secrets” of option trading in his special program – Profit With Options workshop. While Alex is primarily a tactician when it comes to options trading, he is also a superb technician and has developed a very powerful and effective technical analysis system – SMART VW. This T.A. system will be shared with participants of TECH on US workshop.

The master piece among all his programs is perhaps the Millionaire Trading Program, where Alex will show the participants exactly how making millions from trading options is really possible and achievable. This program will turn any trader who possesses the right skill and attitude into millionaire from just $10,000 within 3 years. This is basically a modeling program; it allow participants to model Alex’s success formulae, do exactly what he did and one will simply get the same result – One Million dollars from just $10,000 within 3 years! Alex is so confident about his trading mythology that he gave a 100% money back guarantee on this MTP program.